About us

The safety of your family and assets is our biggest priority. I Tree Connection serves from a place of conviction and we believe that every business owner and household should experience absolute peace of mind. We consider your every security need and go above and beyond to ensure our relationship of trust remains firmly in place, as your security should.

Our story

Haylett and Maddy took a giant leap of faith in 2015 in following their conviction that ‘there has to be more to life.’ They sold their apartment and invested their capital into starting I Tree Connection where their vision is firmly rooted in the pursuit to create a safer future for both their and their client's families.
The I Tree team consists of the most caring and committed technicians, Lloyd and Gerald, who have been a part of the I Tree story from the start. Together they exceed expectations in ensuring that clients are receiving their undivided attention and care throughout the service delivery.

Our values

Our business practice is grounded in trust and transparent relationships. We pride ourselves in our integrity and strive to create environments where open dialogue is welcomed.

I Tree Connection promises to always be available wherever and whenever you need us as our services and support are measured against the peace of mind we provide to our clients. 

Our teams are fully dedicated to your comfort with every I Tree member treating you like family. We listen to your needs as your safety is at the top of our priority list.